All air conditioning systems like any other machine ,depreciate with time. And If not properly maintained, they progressively lose efficiency, consumer more power, and drain profits. Inadequate monitoring and maintenance of your air conditioning system can cause a lot of inconvenience. This is why Daikin has devised an exclusive Annual Service Care that will ensure smooth functioning of your product. We shall take care of your air conditioning system through our assured maintenance visits. While a team of committed professionals take care of your technical problems, our absolutely genuine spares guarantee that you no longer need to worry about spares. Once your product is covered under Daikin’s Annual Service Care plan, Daikin takes complete care of your product with regular periodic checks, just like the regular health check-up we receive at the hospitals.
Quality Approach

Scheduled maintenance minimizes equipment deterioration. Equipment service life is extended and total maintenance costs are reduced since possibilities of malfunctions are decreased. Trouble-free air conditioner operation means no shutdown of production lines resulting from air conditioner failures.


The maintenance and inspection specified in the contracts ensure that safety devices function properly to prevent accidents in case of an abnormality is generated. The maintenance and inspection specified in the contracts help prevent equipment problems.

Prompt Response

Since, Daikin’s service engineers maintain a proper record of your air conditioner through periodic checks, they can provide the information promptly and accurately in the event of an unexpected break down. Customers covered under the Daikin Annual Service Care get faster response as there is a dedicated team of trained engineers only for the customers covered under Annual Service Care scheme.

Daikin Annual Service Care USPs

On opting for a Service Solution from Daikin, you get following unbeatable advantages: Priority Service: Customers who opt for our annual service solutions are offered priority service. With prompt response to your queries, you will always have more reasons to be happy.

Call Centre Facility

We make it simple and convenient for our customers with our specialised call centres that ensure prompt response to service requests and complaints.

Technical Helpline Facility

We have specialised trained staff to help troubleshoot problems over the phone. This facility is not only time saving it is also hassle-free.

Genuine Spares:

By opting for our service solution, you are assured of genuine spares that will go a long way in ensuring high uptime for your system.

Extended Life

Genuine Spares and regular maintenance help in extending the life of your system. Visit by Daikin’s service engineers

Vast Network

    • In-house training centers for the specialized training of the service engineers
    • Our engineers and technicians are intensively trained to handle the costly, sophisticated air conditioning equipment
    • Highly advanced tools for each engineers
    • Evolved and closely monitored systems and processes to make sure that the customers can completely rely on us Consistent efficient performance
    • Low power consumption
    • No surprise break-downs
    • Regular checks for smooth functioning
    • Under all our service solutions, we offer preventive maintenance checks which help in identifying problems early, preventing costly down times

Makes sure that the potential faults are taken care of before-hand during the regular checks to avoid any accident or permanent damage of a costly part. So, protecting your expensive and technologically advanced air conditioning equipment from damage is as important as your initial investment. And we at Daikin, help you do that. Our air conditioning experts periodically check your entire system, repair and replace the necessary parts and calibrate the system for perfect air distribution and balancing. Thus providing you with the finest and most comprehensive range of Service Solutions.