Featuring an elegant design and high-end cooling, our Cassette Air Conditioners are the perfect answer to today’s cooling needs. Their multi air swing control provides multiple patterns to deliver maximum comfort. They are designed with unique “round” side contour and new LED light location to give your overall decor a nice value addition. 
Cassets Inverter AC


Cassette air conditioner with 360° uniform airflow sets the standard.
Star Rating: 5
Available in (kW): 5, 7.1, 9, 10, 12.5, 14
Daikin’s FCF range of cassette air conditioners are designed to redefine air conditioning with 360⁰ airflow that cools the entire room to ensure comfort that never feels cold. Its revolutionary uniform air distribution guarantees comfort that spreads more widely. Besides this, the unit boasts of some of the amazing features that make it a perfect choice for summers.

Gear up to achieve more energy-savings & comfort on home cooling.
Star Rating: 4
Available in (kW): 5, 7.1
Gear up to achieve more energy-savings & comfort on home cooling with Daikin’s FKA Series of cassette air conditioners. Its high powered sensors detect the cooling needs of your place and deliver the most appropriate cooling output automatically. This is truly an exemplary piece of engineering designed keeping in mind the future of air conditioning.

Quiet, decor-blending form and easy installation in new or old buildings.

Star Rating:  3
Available in (kW):  5, 6
Uplift not only the décor but also the functionality of your space with Daikin’s latest FFF Series of air conditioners. Featuring astonishing design and smart air conditioning, these units are quiet, compact, and powerful. It makes the promise of consistent performance throughout. Its multi-flow air distribution makes space cooler like nothing else